How Seasonal Trends Impact Manhattan Beach Real Estate

Manhattan Beach's real estate market experiences fluctuations throughout the year, influenced by seasonal trends and major holidays. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how each season affects inventory, sale prices, and demand, providing valuable insights for buyers, sellers, and investors alike.


As the weather warms and daylight hours increase, spring brings renewed energy to the Manhattan Beach real estate market. Inventory tends to rise, offering buyers a broader selection of homes to choose from. With more properties hitting the market, competition among buyers may intensify, leading to higher sale prices. Major holidays like Easter and Memorial Day often coincide with increased market activity, as people consider relocating during school breaks.

Advantages: Abundant inventory and favorable weather for home tours.

Disadvantages: Heightened competition and potentially inflated prices.


Summer is the peak season for real estate activity in Manhattan Beach, with people taking advantage of the warmer weather and longer days to buy and sell homes. Inventory levels remain robust, although they may start to taper off towards the end of the season. Sale prices typically remain strong, reflecting high demand from eager buyers. Independence Day and Labor Day weekends often see a surge in open houses and property viewings.

Advantages: High demand and increased inventory.

Disadvantages: Intense competition and potential for bidding wars.


As temperatures begin to cool, the Manhattan Beach real estate market experiences a slight slowdown in activity. While inventory levels may decline, serious buyers remain active, motivated by the desire to settle into a new home before the holiday season. Sale prices may stabilize or see modest decreases compared to summer highs. Major holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving can temporarily distract buyers and sellers from real estate transactions.

Advantages: Less competition and motivated sellers.

Disadvantages: Limited inventory and distractions from holiday festivities.


Winter brings a quieter pace to the Manhattan Beach real estate market, with fewer listings and fewer buyers actively searching for homes. Inventory levels reach their lowest point of the year, presenting opportunities for buyers who are willing to brave the colder weather and holiday distractions. Sale prices may dip slightly as sellers adjust their expectations to attract buyers during the off-season.

Advantages: Reduced competition and potential for bargains.

Disadvantages: Limited inventory and weather-related challenges.

Despite these seasonal fluctuations, Manhattan Beach experiences year-round demand for its coveted coastal properties. Unlike other states where weather can significantly impact real estate markets, Manhattan Beach's temperate climate ensures a more consistent level of activity throughout the year.

By understanding how seasonal trends influence the Manhattan Beach real estate market, buyers, sellers, and investors can make informed decisions and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

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