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Manhattan Beach's 25th Annual Fireworks Show

Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks ShowThis year marks the 25th Annual Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks Show. For years, locals and area residents have flocked to the event that has boasted huge crowds in the past.

The fireworks show is scheduled for Sunday, December 8th. Although fireworks will be going off at 7:00pm sharp, the event starts at 3:30pm and has tons of great activities set up in Downtown Manhattan Beach. There will be performances by Hyperion Outfall and Mira Costa HS Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, Choir and Cheer. There’ll also be a bounce park and snow park hosted by SKECHERS.

David Prather is scheduled to host a sing-along starting at 6:00pm. If you’re planning on going to the event, we suggest reading up on the “12 Days of Christmas” song and getting familiar with the lyrics!

The event is privately hosted and organized. Pete Moffett has organized the event since its inception in 1989.  Local companies help sponsor the event and ensure it’s held every year. Crowds are estimated to be 15,000 to 20,000 this year as notoriety for the event grows annually. The fireworks show has previously been featured on the Travel Channel where it was selected as one of the top two finalists competing for the nation’s best holiday fireworks celebration.

We’re excited to enjoy another great fireworks show that’s due to awe locals and visitors alike, rain or shine. Are any of you planning on heading down to the fireworks show?  


Manhattan Beach's 24th Annual Pier Lighting

Manhattan Beach Annual Pier LightingManhattan Beach’s 19th Holiday Open House and 24th Annual Pier Lighting is today from 6:00-9:30pm. The event takes place every year in downtown Manhattan Beach, California.

To kick off the holiday season, local shops and restaurants open their doors to thousands of locals that come down to get an early dose of Holiday cheer. Carolers and music will fill the streets as the countdown to the lighting begins. Lots of local merchants will be offering discounts and special offers tonight as they prepare for the holidays. 

Mayor David Lesser will switch on the pier lights at 7:00pm and the celebration will continue until 9:00pm. Santa will be at the Bank of America parking lot greeting neighborhood kids. Metlox Plaza will also have live entertainment until 8:00pm.

Tonight’s the perfect opportunity to start off the holiday season with the kids and extended family. Grab your friends and head into Downtown Manhattan Beach. If you’re driving, please note that Manhattan Avenue will be closed from 9th Street to Manhattan Beach Boulevard between 4:00pm and 10:30pm. And Manhattan Beach Boulevard will be closed from Ocean Drive to the Strand between 5:00pm and 10:30pm. 


Manhattan Beach's Growth During The Depression

Manhattan Beach CA Construction During The Depression

During the great depression, financial problems were not the only trouble the Manhattan Beach community faced. The gravity of the Depression was dramatized more by such events as the suicide of Charles Avey, who was the agent for the Manhattan Beach Development Company and one of the city's leading citizens. The fortune of the development company had begun to decline even before the stock market crash. His suicide was attributed to financial difficulties and domestic troubles. Avey's death may have been one of the earliest Depression-related suicides in the city but it was by no means the only one. Means of self-destruction ranged from ant poison to jumping off the pier.

While the Depression was being felt in many different ways throughout the city, road construction was probably least affected by the Depression. The American people's love affair with the automobile in the 1920's had stirred a broad-based demand both nationally and at the state level for better roads.

The largest project in Manhattan Beach at this time was the paving of Sepulveda Boulevard, formerly rough, eucalyptus-lined Camino Real. In 1930, work moved rapidly on the sub-grading. Three steam shovels began cutting through the hill at the intersection of Sepulveda and the Santa Fe Railroad tracks. Bulldozers moved huge quantities of dirt to raise the level of the grade separation at the tracks. Prior to the grade separation the road went across the railroad tracks.

Cement piers which supported the bridge over the tracks near Valley Drive and Sepulveda, were built by the State of California. On October 29th, bids for the remaining work were opened by the City and awarded...

Top 3 Smartlocks To Keep Your Family Safe

Manhattan Beach Homes are part of a safe, idyllic community – in fact, I often liken it to Mayberry of the fictional TV series. But in a city with a remarkably low crime rate, residents sometimes become complacent about their safety and unintentionally invite crime by leaving doors unlocked or valuables out in the open.

The chief of the Manhattan Beach Police Department said at a public forum this year that over 90 percent of vehicle burglaries in Manhattan Beach involve cars that are unlocked or displaying valuables in clear sight.  Over half of home break-ins do not involve forced entry. This is why the Manhattan Beach Police Department is running a “Lock It or Lose It” campaign to remind residents to lock up – and avoid falling victim to crimes of opportunity.

As technology advances, homeowners have access to a wider range of home security devices. The “smart lock” might be the newest and most convenient home security gadget on the market. A smartphone app manages the bolt, controls who unlocks it, and records all comings and goings. If you have your phone in your pocket, all you have to do is touch the lock icon with one quick tap. The lock can tell whether you’re inside or outside, meaning if you’re inside the house with your smartphone, the lock won’t open if it’s tapped from the outside.

Several different brands are selling smartlocks, and we’re highlighting the top 3 that we found. 

August Smart Lock

Cost: $200 


- Allows for “digital keys” to be distributed to your friends, family... Has Officially Launched!

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Spotlight On Some Manhattan Beach Schools

Front Entrance to Manhattan Beach PreschoolManhattan Beach attracts many new residents due to the location, but there's far more to the area than just gorgeous beaches and amazing weather. The schools in the area are some of the best you'll find throughout the state. Many of the schools have received a 10 out of 10 rating by, which provides the most accurate ranking for schools in the country. Here are the top choices throughout Manhattan Beach.

Aurelia Pennekamp Elementary School

Aurelia Pennekamp serves nearly 600 students from Kindergarten to 6th grade. The school has received a number of five star ratings from parents in the area. They are rated as a five-star school with five stars in both parent involvement and principal leadership categories. They also received four stars for teacher quality and their test score averages are far above the state average.

Grand View Elementary School

Grand View is another top rated school in the area with many five star reviews. However, they only received five starts in the parent involvement category with four stars in both the teacher quality and principal leadership categories. Their test scores are a little higher than Aurelia Pennkamp and they've risen over the past year, as well.

Meadows Avenue Elementary School

Serving over 500 students, ...