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Community Spotlight: Amenzone Fitness in Manhattan Beach

Several people planking on large tires in Amenzone

With summer right around the corner, we thought we’d feature a local business that focuses on fitness and getting into shape. Little did we know what we got ourselves into!

Amenzone Fitness in Manhattan Beach is the ultimate boot camp/boutique workout studio that's unlike any we’ve ever experienced. The workouts incorporate tires and body weight to build muscle and burn fat…yup, TIRES!

Amenzone’s journey, growth and community outreach is truly awe-inspiriting. We sat down with Grand Trainer Tommy Cassano to learn more. (There’s a special discount for our readers if you read through the blog!). 

Q: How would describe Amenzone? 
A: "Amenzone Fitness is a back-to-basics training zone tailored for athletically minded people. Our style of training promotes a natural workout that uses clean tires and one’s own body strength and movement to stay fit."Amenzone Manhattan Beach

Q: How’d the idea of the workout get started?
A: "The inception of the primal workouts started with Amen Iseghohi our Founder and CEO of Amenzone Fitness. When Amen was 8 years old and living in Africa, his grandmother lead workouts for Amen and the family. The workouts used the natural environment, which happened to include tires. They not only used tires as an extension of the body, but also as a representation of life, to keep moving and progressing."

Q: Why Manhattan Beach? What do you love most about Manhattan Beach? ...

5 Steps For Picking A Great Architect In Manhattan Beach

Architects in Manhattan BeachCurrent and former clients constantly ask us for recommendations to good architects in the Manhattan Beach area. We have some great references to pass along but we always do so with some extra suggestions of our own.

Because choosing an architect can be an incredibly stressful and difficult task for some, we’ve put together a 5-step checklist designed to simplify and explain the process.

Step 1: Interview Several Prospects 

We can’t stress this point enough. When picking an architect, having a direct referral is great but you want to make sure that you also consider different options. That referral from your close family friend may have been a great catch for their style and workflow but that same architect may not have the vision you do for your home. Be sure to interview several architects before you make your final decision. 

Step 2: Have An Idea In Mind 

We’re not saying that you have to know exactly what you want for your design project. Instead, we suggest picking out a few homes in the area or in magazines/online that you’ve liked. Having even the slightest notion of what you expect from your architect will really help you gauge their work in comparison to your expectations. Luckily, thanks to pinterest and several other online websites, inspiration is only a few clicks away.

Step 3: Get An Architect Involved From The Get-Go  

Because choosing designs and design elements is time intensive, we suggest getting your architect involved right at the beginning. Your architect can help guide you through the design process if they’re involved early enough. Having them on board from the start will also make for a much smoother...