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Top 5 Restaurants in Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach

With seemingly endless new restaurants around the city, we thought we’d try to compile a list of the top 5 restaurants in Manhattan Beach. If you’re a Manhattan Beach local, you’ve probably been to a few from our list but we also made sure to include some lesser-known restaurants as well.

Manhattan Beach Post - What good is a restaurant list without the mention of Manhattan Beach Post? Chef and local South Bay resident David LeFevre has created an awe-inspiring social atmosphere at his restaurant. Their website describes how the restaurant was designed to maintain some of the integrity from the 1960’s post office that used to call the location home. If you’re looking for a dinning experience focused on aiding social interaction while bringing worldly dishes to the table, Manhattan Beach Post is the spot.

MB Post Food

Tin Roof Bistro - Located in the Manhattan Village shopping center, Tin Roof Bistro was established to reflect wine country for local diners. Whether you’re looking for everyday comfort foods or innovative, international dishes, Chef Anne will not disappoint. With ample patio seating, Tin Roof Bistro is the perfect lunch destination for a beautiful summer day.

Second Story Restaurant - Many locals haven’t heard about Second Story Restaurant in Manhattan Beach. Located within the Belamar Hotel, Second Story is not your everyday hotel restaurant. Executive Chef Vania Almeida uses organic produce...

Who Are The Top Employers In Manhattan Beach?

Manhattan Beach, CA

When you’re thinking about relocating to the area, trying to find the Top Employers in Manhattan Beach, CA becomes incredibly important. We know you’re probably  dreaming about the ocean breeze and quaint suburban neighborhoods but a shorter commute is also pretty important.

Manhattan Beach may be a small city but it boasts several major companies that provide a wide range of employment opportunities to local residents.

Skechers in Manhattan BeachWhen looking into companies that are headquartered in Manhattan Beach, Skechers is of course the frontrunner. Located off of Sepulveda, their offices span several buildings. Although Skechers is a major international company, they are incredibly ingrained in our local Manhattan Beach community. They support and sponsor several events throughout the year, which help build a strong sense of community for local residents. If you’re looking for a wide range of job possibilities, we definitely recommend checking them out.

Kinecta is another major company that’s headquartered in Manhattan Beach. Located off of Rosecrans, Kinecta is a credit union that’s estimated at bringing in $1 - $2 billion per year. Whether you’re looking for a management/director role or an entry-level position, they have several opportunities available. And we can’t really imagine anything more convenient than a three minute commute into the office!

Marriott Manhattan Beach...

Pioneering Residential And Commercial Development In Manhattan Beach

An Image of a Howard Sadler Developed Home

In 1913, Mr. A. Howard Sadler a realtor/developer arrived in Manhattan Beach from Pasadena. Taking advantage of the rail system, he brought prospective land and home buyers to the shore, showing them the value of investing in the Manhattan Beach community. The town site had been promoted in the past as a unique place in the South Bay, but it was Sadler who brought it to a new height. With his 1913 promotional piece, “Manhattan the Beach Worth While, Where the Pacific Ebbs & Flows,” he elaborated on this splendid town of the future.

An excerpt from the pamphlet reads: “Every safeguard is being thrown around Manhattan to make it a city of home, “A Home City” in all that the term implies. There can be no saloons within its borders, no resorts or vice, and all features of rowdyism will be effectually eliminated."

Sadler built a home at 452 Maine Avenue for himself and took great pride in creating other bungalow style homes in the area. He was once quoted as saying, “Manhattan is the coming beach of the South Bay…” and that he wanted to be strongly with its progress.

In 1914, two of the areas Sadler developed were in the vicinity of 21st Street, Marine Avenue, and Grandview Avenue, as well as in the Manor Manhattan Tract. The Tract was a restricted sub-division proclaimed to be one of the most desirable residential sections in the city. Sadler’s homes were described as the most beautiful in the district.

This charming section in Manahttan Beach is now known as the “Gas Light District,” which was created in the 1960’s. It is bordered on the south by 21st street, on the North...