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Top 5 Luxury Homes in Manhattan Beach

4108 The Strand

With the Manhattan Beach real estate market on a perpetual upswing lately, we thought we’d bring you the Top 5 luxury homes that are currently on the market in Manhattan Beach.

Aside from the list below, there are also several exclusive, off-market properties that won’t be found anywhere online. If you’d like access to pocket listings in Manhattan Beach, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot us a quick email.

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4108 The Strand

Currently the most expensive home on the market in all of Manhattan Beach (pictured above), descriptions don’t do this oceanfront property any justice. Listed for $9,988,000, this single family home was custom built by architect Pat Killen. 

The home has wall-to-wall glass windows, allowing for spectacular ocean views. The top level has panoramic views down to Palos Verdes and as far north as Malibu. What’s pretty unique about this home is that it’s built on an oversized lot and has an additional two-bedroom rental unit that’s built above the oversized 5-car garage. 

1240 5th St. 

1240 5th st...

Manhattan Beach's High Juvenile Crime Rate...In The 50's?

Manhattan Beach's SWAT team with their k-9's

Pictured above is Manhattan Beach’s SWAT team with their k-9’s. The officers are in full gear. At the time, they trained with MP-5 sub machine guns, beanbag shotguns, AR-15 rifles, pepperballs and gas launchers. 

Throughout the 1960's and 70's, the Manhattan Beach Police Department detectives were inundated with the drug scene in town as well as the juvenile crime rate that was steadily growing.

A battle began in the late 1950's to motivate a strong advocacy for young people, who were being picked-up by the police officers at an increasing rate, from possession of drugs, sexual delinquency and municipal code violations. At this time the department had but one juvenile officer, who was the first female to be assigned the position. Up to this date the only duties women could hold in the Manhattan Beach Police Department were office staff and any female officers were refereed to as policewomen. In 1972, the classification was changed from policewomen to police officer.

In 1966, Betty Anderson, graduated from the Police Academy in LosAngeles and became the second policewoman to serve as the Juvenile Division Officer. By the end of the year, the department was experiencing an average of 700 juveniles a year with narcotics violations on the increase.

Betty quoted in an interview with "The Daily Breeze" newspaper, “we feel if we can help just one or two of them, it's worth it. We can' t change the world" she said, "but we can try to make it a little better place in which to live.” The hiring of Policewoman, Betty Andrews, opened the door for other women to be a part of the Police Department (Learn more about...