Video Reviews of Restaurants Might be the Next Big Thing!

TastemadeWith all of the food and restaurant apps out there, we thought we’d spend some time telling all of you about a recent discovery we made at headquarters. Tastemade is a new startup we recently heard about.

If you have a smartphone, you can download their app by searching for Tastemade in your app store. The app itself allows you to create video reviews of restaurants you visit. Once you record the video you’d want to share, their app even allows you to edit what you’ve captured so you can create cool transitions between scenes. Unlike Yelp or other review sites, you’re really able to get the sense of what type of atmosphere and ambiance each restaurant has.

Of course the first thing we did when we downloaded the app was search for Manhattan Beach. They already have some cool videos reviewing local restaurants like Barsha Wines & Spirits, Sion’s Mexican Restaurant, Fusion Sushi and several others. If you’re a local foodie that wants to get the word out about your favorite local restaurants, Tastemade is a really creative way to do it. We’re already working on our list of restaurants to visit and review.

Tastemade’s also working on cultivating a global food network. Started by a group of food lovers, this startup in Santa Monica, CA is trying “…to connect the world through food.” They’ve hand picked over 100 YouTube Channels to be a part of their Network. By creating a community of channels they can work with, Tastemade is helping each channel grow its fan base by creating beautiful cooking tutorial videos.

Excited that we found their network just in time for the holidays. Now we can plan all of our holiday dinners by scrolling through their videos! 

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